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multimmune's mi-IMAGING (im) platform is based on mi-TUMEXim - a membrane Hsp70-specific monoclonal antibody that detects the membrane form of Hsp70 which is selectively expressed on tumor cells.

mi-TUMEXim: Imaging monoclonal antibody

mi-TUMEXim provides a useful tool for multimodal imaging of tumors and metastases that might help to improve our understanding of tumorigenesis and allow the establishment of improved diagnostic procedures and more accurate therapeutic monitoring. mi-TUMEXim might also be a promising platform for tumor-specific drug delivery and other Hsp70-based targeted therapies.

Intraoperative detection of CT26 colon carcinoma cell-derived tumors using the mi-TUMEXim-Cy5.5 monoclonal antibody