multimmune GmbH

.......... delivering innovative, clinical-stage broad-spectrum cancer theranostics

As the lifetime risk of developing cancer is now 1 in 2, it is essential that approaches for diagnosing and effectively treating cancer are improved.

Although progress in the development of new cancer therapies for the majority of tumor entities progresses at a pace, key challenges in the management and treatment of aggressive disease remain.

Another big challenge relates to the time and cost of drug development, and thereby the ability of the healthcare providers to afford the therapeutics that are developed.

The identification of more 'universal' targeting structures that are present across different cancer entities will consolidate the costs of developing therapies during the pre-clinical and early clinical phases and greatly facilitate transition into clinical reality.


To reduce cancer deaths and improve the lives of cancer patients by developing revolutionary products which specifically target primary tumors and aggressive, metastatic disease. 

Creating value:

  • product and technology platform based on a widely, but selectively expressed, tumor-specific marker;
  • pipeline of therapeutic, delivery, diagnostic and imaging platforms.


  • out-licensing technology;
  • establishing co-development partnerships for complementary technologies.