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Company Profile

multimmune GmbH is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of innovative therapeutic approaches for the treatment of cancers that express heat shock protein 70 (Hsp70). The Company has developed a unique and proprietary technology platform which is based on the founding scientists' (Professor Multhoff, Dr Botzler) discovery that cell surface-bound Hsp70 is expressed on many types of tumor, but not on healthy cells. This makes this form of Hsp70 an excellent immunotherapeutic target.

The Company is currently developing four patent-protected therapeutic interventions that utilise this technology platform:

  • Activation of Natural Killer (NK) cells using a synthetic peptide which mimics Hsp70 (ENKASTIM-ev, End-Phase I product)
  • Immune stimulation using a synthetic Hsp70 peptide (ENKASTIM-iv, Preclinical product)
  • Specific targeting of tumors using an antibody against the membrane form of the Hsp70 molecule (mi-TUMEX, Preclinical product)
  • Induction of tumor-specific death (apoptosis) using Hsp70 and Granzyme B (mi-APO, Discovery product).
Safety of treatment, biological and first clinical efficacy of our lead product, ENKASTIM, has been proven in a phase I clinical pilot study in patients with colon and lung cancer.